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All legislative powers of the Town of St. Michaels are vested in the Commissioners of St. Michaels

  • The Town of St. Michaels government consists of five elected commissioners, each serving a four-year term.
  • A newly elected Commission meets at 5:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday in the month of June following its election. After that, the Commission regularly meets at least once each month.
  • Unless notice is given of an alternative venue, all meetings are held at Etherton Hall at Christ Church Parish House, on 103 Willow Street, enter via the side entrance to Etherton Hall. 

Meet the Commissioners

Alfred Mercier
Alfred R. Mercier President (Term expires 2026)
Katrina D. Whittington Vice President (Term expires 2026)
Jay H. Headshot
Jay Hudson Treasurer (Term expires 2028)
Alexis Headshot
Alexis Roiter Commissioner (Term expires 2028)
David W. Headshot
David Wojciechowski Commissioner (Term expires 2028)