Historic District Commission

Old photo - 3 story wood structure along the water


The St. Michaels Historic District was created in 1972 to safeguard the heritage of the Town of St. Michaels by protecting and preserving buildings, structures, sites, objects, public ways and views located in the town that reflect the Town’s cultural, social, political, and architectural history. The preservation of the above elements serves not only to protect the educational, cultural, and economic values of the Town and its citizens, but also to promote these values to the public.

  • The Historic District Commission consists of five members appointed by the Commissioners of St. Michaels for a term of three years.
  • The Historic District Commission meets on the 1st Thursday of the month at 3:00 pm
  • Unless notice is given of an alternative venue, all meetings will be held at the Boy Scout Cabin, located at 407 St. Mary’s Square.
  • Rules of Procedure

Under a specific set of regulations and guidelines, the Commission is required by law to review the appropriateness of most exterior architectural design changes, additions, new construction and demolition.