Commissioners of St. Michaels Working & Legislative Session with a Closed Session Following


The Commissioners of St. Michaels (COSM) usually meet the second Wednesday of the month for a public working session and on the fourth Wednesday of the month for a public legislative session beginning at 5 p.m. which can be joined in-person in Etherton Hall at Christ Church Parish House, on 103 Willow Street, enter via the side entrance to Etherton Hall, or on Zoom. 

At the beginning of the open session the COSM will vote to go into a Closed Session following the Working and Legislative Session, in order to vote to go into Closed Executive Session pursuant to Maryland Code, State Government Article, under the Open Meetings Act 3-305(b): (1) To discuss the appointment, employment, assignment, promotion, discipline, demotion, compensation, removal, resignation, or performance evaluation of appointees, employees, or officials over whom this public body has jurisdiction; any other personnel matter that effects one or more specific individuals and (7) To consult with counsel to obtain legal advice . The Commissioners of St. Michaels (COSM) Closed Session Meeting is not open to the public. 

PUBLIC COMMENT: In accordance with the COSM meeting rules and procedures, public comments will be received one person at a time at the beginning and end of each meeting. The “Comments from the Public” portion of the Commission agenda shall have a limited time period as determined by the Commissioners. To be recognized, a member of the public should raise his or her hand (with the “raise your hand” feature or in chat in Zoom) and wait to be recognized by the President. Comments and questions should be kept brief and to the point, and be directed to the President. Citizens are encouraged to contact the Commissioners or Town Administrator in advance with meeting questions and comments.

Please note: All agendas are DRAFT DOCUMENTS until the day of the meeting.

This session will have in-person attendance and will continue to use Zoom for meetings. If you have not used Zoom, please take a few minutes to download the free app to your computer or smart phone prior to joining the meeting HERE.

Join Zoom meeting by computer or smart phone:
Meeting ID: 326 426 1778

To join with audio only by phone:  1-301-715-8592
Meeting ID: 326 426 1778